Opportunity of a lifetime
We are currently offering serious musicians and opportunity to perform with KanD in her band.

"Rhythm Real High"

Rock, Funk, & Blues Band.

KanD Fan Club

When asked by interviewers, What type of music do you sing?

KanD's response is always the same and well fitting the truth of her bragging rights.

Her Response,

      "I Rock the House any kinda way you want it"

She has unlimited vocal skills to execute the softest melody, deliver boisterous rock vocals, and even convert to other languages. 

She has recorded four albums consisting of an array of genres, Gospel, Titled "Provocative Praise", R&B & Jazz album series, Titled "KanD JamZ - Subtitle: Love in the Mix Volume 1", and she is currently working on her Rock Album Titled "£egendary" Subtitle "Rhythm Real High", and Funk & Rock Album Titled "In The Bone" which will be released 2017 on Tour.

Followed by a dual album release, "Southern Swag", a Country, Blues & Zydeco album will be released in 2018 and swiftly followed by an International Album with songs sang in Spanish, French, and other languages.

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Oprah Of Music

Kand is extremely talent in many areas of creativity and social communication but music is her specialty. She is a skilled singer and vocal expert, illustrative songwriter, producer, intriguing dancer, over all thrilling performer, and 

Legendary Industry Mentor.

She is the only songwriter that write CUSTOMIZED SONGS for your special occasion.

She choreographs dance routines to envelope a memorable live experience. No two shows are the same!

KanD has stacked the deck with musical talent she sing, write, and produce a wide variety of music. She has written at least 150 songs and writes customized songs for other artist as well.

To top it all off she is business savvy and skilled at writing jingle, copy for businesses and product marketing.
KanD write songs with illustrative lyrics and compose heart throbbing melodies.  Her explosive vocal delivery and thrust has been compared to the Legendary Tina Turner.  She is considered to be "The Oprah of Music" because of her vocal range and the unlimited value of her talent. 

"Billion Dollar Baby"

Kand johnson

The oprah of Music

ASCAP Licensed Professional  Singer

songwriter, dancer, actor, entertainer  and

Thrilling Performer

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KanD in a shell is a short but detailed bio of KanD's Life and History in the Music Industry.

KanD Johnson is the Founder and CEO of Real Raw Records Inc, the first Charity Record Label in the History of the Music 

Industry. She started the company while living in a homeless shelter in the state of New Jersey.

Real Raw Records is her pride and joy but it is not her first business venture and certainly will not be her last. KanD is what expert economist call a serial entrepreneur.
KanD has owned and operated other businesses, and is known for her business savvy, and leadership capacity.

To know her is to know her witty motivational persona, strength, astonishing loving nature, but no nonsense character.

She is a Diva by Design. She was born with mental illness, but has overcome the stigmas of her conditions with great success and humility.  Graced with many natural talents but life has carved out a very unique character.